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Me & My Why

My name is Lihi, a wife, a mother to an adorable 2.5 year old sassy girl, a fur mom of 2 & a Birth & Postpartum Doula.

I have always loved supporting & nurturing people. Doing for others, helping others, and making a difference for people feeds my soul.

Why doula, you ask? In the last few years prior to the birth of my daughter, I've become curious and wanted to learn everything I can in regards to pregnancy & and birth. I wanted to be better educated & really appreciate what our amazing bodies are capable of when growing and creating life. 🌺

My daughter was born during the first waive of Covid (Spring 2020). What a crazy time this was, eh?

Well, it certainly was a crazy time to be expecting a little one.

Going through the journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and especially during a world pandemic; support looked a little different throughout.

My personal experience really highlighted the importance of having support through pregnancy, birth, and especially postpartum. And what a difference a doula can make. (or lack thereof).

It really does take a village.

I became even more passionate and driven to learn more about pregnancy, birth & the fourth trimester.

With my passion for helping people & my love and interest in birth and all that comes with it; I knew that becoming a doula was my calling.

I am privileged and honored to give my clients the gift of support, empowerment & advocacy.

Some FUN facts about me:

○ I am Pez Dispenser Collector! With over 2000 dispensers from all around the world.

○ I love singing & used to be a part of Calgary Girls Choir

○ I have moved countries 3 times throughout my life. (But I am here to stay!)

Thank you for following my journey & allowing me to do what I love 🫶


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